"FOTE" - Debut EP

by Five of the Eyes

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Available for a limited time, "FOTE" Is the debut EP of Five Of The Eyes. Self Recorded and Self Produced. Our next EP, HIEROPHANTASM, will be out by the new year!

These are limited releases. When the full length album is recorded, these EP's will cease to exist... get yours while you can!

"...a self-titled, self-produced first studio effort that’s arrestingly dynamic, heavy yet danceable, and deceptively melodic. It draws on the progressive metal roots of many of the band members, but it brings in further Latin, funk and pop elements. It’s one of the strongest debuts from a new Maine band in the past two years, and it’s already helped the band garner some early buzz as a seriously awesome live act."

-Emily Burnham (Culture Shock, Bangor Daily News)

"Right from the get-go, Five of the Eyes wear their influences on their sleeves. Opener "Isabella" is a dead-ringer for late period Mars Volta. Singer Darrell Foster croons, incants and shrieks in a highly dramatic fashion. His voice is equal parts smoky and operatic, shifting quickly from a sultry low register up and into high, keening wails that'll zap heavy music fans right back to the hard rocking seventies and eighties."

-Jakob Battick (The Portland Phoenix)

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released February 3, 2015

Tim Meehan - Guitar
Thomas Meehan - Bass and Drums (Abyss)
Peter G. - Drums and Bass (Abyss)
Ned Rich - Guitar
Darrell Foster - Vocals and Synth



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Five of the Eyes Portland, Maine

A blistering assault of melody and energy from Portland, Maine. Having received such high praise as being called “The Mars Volta fronted by Jeff Buckley”, the band pays homage to the past while seeking to forge their own path. Blending elements of Funk, Rock, and Metal into one nimble, flying sonic behemoth, Five of the Eyes delivers their powerful sound with grace and precision. ... more

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Track Name: Isabella
While we're here
let's discuss the situation
it seems perfectly clear
that you're twisted in the head
though it's nothing to worry about
it's not like you'll kill me in my sleep
but I'm still scared when we have sex
no, this i the last time
I swear it in my bones
you're breaking my heart
and I knew it all along

How long can we both belong
to the same place
it seems to me
it's one or the other
oh, the distant brother
that darker shade of me
the one who shows himself
when the drugs come out to play
he's the one
you fell in love with
you know what I'm talking about
nightfall comes to take us all
throw yourself into the drink
there's enough blood to spill
on this ship for me

Let me tell you about it all
just once before
as I'm crawling to your gaze
as I'm showing you my way

Don't make me do what must be done
I swore I'd never love again
never love again
but you're here with red stained hands
caught with the blood of another love
there's got to be
something else to this life

Track Name: Eos
Start a fire in my heart
just to fade away
look down from your perfect stars
you're in love with a mortal man

tell me how can this be
god won't you grant me
won't you grant me immortality

starry night
fingers on my skin
tendentious plight
love from a lover from above
I was once leading a
natural life
through rotations of the sun
to die is now forever gone

what magnetic games you play
dancing in that arctic field
to rise
as you do
every morning
so revealed

the last rays of her light begin to fade
and still I consider mine
will I wake from this life
if I fall into a dream

through rotations,
through rotations of the sun

to live with the fair divine
but oh how my decaying body weeps
though you granted me my life should keep
by my honor let me sleep

or send me to war
yeah that's right,
I said send me to war
send me to war Fire and Aries

will you lift me up

I'm stuck beneath my own
my ego weighs me down to the bone
I'm just a skeleton of who I was

you lift me up, you lift me up
Track Name: Abyss
down in darkness
my shadow sifts
depths so clear yet convoluted
with the beastly comes the message
leave or be eaten

in the crevasse is the sleeping creature
a mutilating beast that we search for
one of us must dive into the abyss
to stab the heart int he devils chest
stab the heart in the devils chest

is it wrong
when nothing in the world can compare
to the destructive power of what lay beneath

down into the darkness, down in the darkness
down, diving right down
into the abyss
let's set a trap for it
there's blood upon the snare
bring forth the creature killer
release the chains

hung about the eerie water
lights like lanterns fly around me
spirit of some distant planet
circle from the void

greetings shallow creatures from the surface
welcome to the
abyss teaches you to
be one vibration
forget the love
master the kill
or die under the tide

nothing can compare
to the presence of power
inside the lair

down into the darkness, down into the darkness
down, diving right down, into the abyss
lets set a trap for it, there's blood upon the snare
bring forth the creature killer, release the chains

the stones on the ocean floor
a beating heart for your evil core
squeeze from me my love

pressure builds inside my skull
then releases the ceiling as if
nothing else will ever take away
what lit my soul
brought from depths by the same ravenous
creatures we once sought to destroy
lead me to shallows once more
take me from this tomb

nothing can compare
to the presence of power

down into the darkness, down into the darkness
down, diving right down, into the abyss

once I thought the end was near
the blood it built inside my body
from the dark, deep and blue
I disintegrated once I rose to the sun
I said bring me down, bring me back down there
to the ground where I could not feel
anything inside this chest
but my blood of blood of blood.